Thursday, March 31, 2011


We had the big Fetus anatomy scan two days ago, and thank goodness everything looks completely normal and healthy! The babies are both measuring big and moving like crazy! I love that I can finally feel them moving! As for now it seems as if Baby boy is a bit more hyper than Baby girl.. we will see if that holds true.. He is constantly kicking my belly button. We are truly blessed and loving every moment of this. I am now 18 weeks, and I am not kidding you, my belly grows overnight.. We take weekly pictures of the belly and today Lance was just laughing looking at the pictures and saying, " You are going to get so HUGE! And it is going to be so awesome and funny!" I didn't know whether I should laugh or panic... So instead I just lathered on another coat of anti stretch mark cream... I figure I should maybe post a picture of the belly, just so when people see me in real life they aren't startled. We have however made a big milestone, we are halfway there!!! My doc tells me they will start me at 37 weeks with these babies. Fun times.

Baby Girls Foot.. All 5 toes!
Baby Girl touching her forehead with her toes! I love this picture and her sweet little profile! I am really bothered however because no matter how I rotate the picture before I upload it, it always turns out like this.. so just tilt your head..

This one is a bit confusing.. It is parts of both babies. They are getting so big that they don't both fit into the monitor at the same time.. But, On the right is Baby Girl laying on her back with her head on the right and her legs curled up on the left, then you can see a line inbetween her and the other baby.. That is the membrane that divides them. Then all the way to the left is the baby boys legs and feet.. they were kicking each other the whole time!

Baby boy's profile! I love this one.. You can see everything so good, his little nose and lips! Adorable already! The circle above him is his sister floating around in her sac. That is part of her feet that you can see.

Wait for it...


Don't judge me people who are pregnant and due 2 months ahead of me and we are the same size..


By the way, I just noticed I'm wearing the exact same shirt and necklace as I was in my last picture 3 weeks ago.. Oh great, now I am totally going to be judged.. It's becoming rough to find shirts that fit me these days! hahaha

Have a great day.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, we went again... Good news is, baby B is still a boy.. Bad news.. we still aren't 100% sure what baby A is!!! It was funny because when the Ultrasound tech first started looking at baby A she immediatly said, "Looks like your having 2 boys!!" We were excited, and I started imagining best friends, playing basketball together, going on missions together.. But after she thought she saw "the manhood" it instantly disappeared. So, she kept trying to look and look, for 15 minutes, but Baby A had its legs crossed and curled up. I asked what she was doing looking for so long... She said she couldn't confirm it was a boy because she couldn't see anything anymore.. So maybe it was like the umbilical cord or something.. Then, miraculously baby A opened up a bit and we got a good view for a minute.. Then,the tech said.. "I think it's a girl!" Wait, what?!?! So then all my dreams of two boys went away and I started thinking about all the great girl things.. You know, bows, cute outfits, doing girly things... having one of each.. But then she said, "I can't get a great view.. But i THINK it's a girl." Well, I THINK that all the ultrasound techs at my office are all fakers!!! I mean come on!!! We have been told it was a boy, then a girl, then a boy.. then finally a girl.. and instead of confirming it, she says.. I THINK its a girl.. hahaha So, I don't know what to think.. But, going off of my ultrasound tech skills I think BABY A IS A GIRL!!!.. I never did see the manhood like baby B flaunts so easily.. And instead we saw "the 3 lines" which indicate girl.. so, I'm posting the picture to see what you think.. Please if you have had girls or know anything tell me what you think.. Im curious.. Thse pictures are hard to get a good look at though.. The top one is the girl..

Do you see the lines??

The babies look so big in the ultrasound.. And as a result, I'm getting Large myself! It's so funny because there are SOO many people in the ward due a whole month or more before me and we are the same size.. I have a feeling I need to get used to being bigger than everyone! Soon I will be passing them all up. This is at 15 weeks. haha

I keep thinking.. If I'm already this big at 15 weeks.. I am going to BE HUGE by the end!!

We are super excited either way.. but for now I am planning and making as if it is a girl!!! I figure, if I'm wrong, then I will give all my girl stuff to one of my 4 friends all having girls before me.
Poor girl though.. she is smooshed!! The little boy is laying horizontally on top of her, and she has been banished to the bottom right corner of the uterus, while he is sprawled out completely!! ahaha.. they are fighting already!

This is the Boy above. Look at him all spread out with his cute little arm by his head..

This is our smooshed little girl.. She looks so cute though!! You can tell why they had a hard time looking!

We are Super excited to have a boy girl combo.. I mean, how couldn't we after these 2?? Just look at them! This is my brother Chad's twins. We did a photo shoot for them, Ill have to put up more because they are hillarious!!

They love giving kisses!

On another note.. My brother David and Juli had a baby girl!! She is adorable with TONS of dark hair.. completely opposite from her siblings who were bald and blonde! here is one of her photo shoots I did..

The best part of all though was seeing Lance hold Carys at the hospital.. Look how sweet!! I can't wait until its our babies he is holding and looking at! He is SOO excited and is going to be the best Dad.. He loves little kids. I am a lucky woman!!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, I am about to make one of those official posts.. You know, announcing that.. WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!........ WITH TWINS!!!!!!.......AND ONE IS A BOY!!!!

That's right! We are pregnant with twins, and we couldn't be happier!!!It has been a long time coming, so we are SOOO THANKFUL for this great news! I'm pretty sure everyone already knew.. but we chose to wait until I knew things were considered safe and far enough along before we announced to the whole world! I am currently 15 weeks along and my due date is Aug. 31st! But, with twins they are considered full term at 37 weeks, and it's really good if you make it that far.. So, we are hoping to make it to around Aug. 10th!

We had an ultrasound today to find out the gender of each baby, but unfortunately Baby A would not cooperate and had his/her legs tucked up just right to where we couldn't tell what he/she was.. At least it is a modest baby :) Baby B on the other hand was proud to announce to us that he is a BOY!! We were both thrilled, and Lance couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear!! He was SURE that it was going to be 2 little girls.. so a Boy was a suprise to him! He has already started planning hunting trips, fishing trips, working on his dads farm with his little boy, and of course teaching him all he knows about basketball!! It was so fun to see him so excited! I am also so excited for this little guy to come into our family. I had a feeling all along we would have at least one boy!

Pregnancy so far has been great! Well, not really.. I have been quite sick, but I don't care.. It makes me feel comforted as I'm throwing up to think that at least I am still pregnant!! Thankfully the sickness is going away, and I am feeling so good! I now have a new found respect for sick, pregnant women.. I used to think they were all fakers.. Boy was I wrong!!! It really does happen.. pregnancy makes you sick!! Lance has been so good and supportive as I have been sick and no fun. I go to bed around 9 every night because I just can't hack staying up late anymore.. A very different change from my old night owl ways!

We announced the exciting news to our families clear back in December by showing up from Arizona wearing these T-shirts. It was pretty funny to see everyones reactions!

My shirt says Lance .. Is going to be a dad..

And lances says, Breaking news.. Anne's pregnant!

Oh, by the way.. that same day we found out we were pregnant we found out that Lance was 1 of about 20 who got accepted into the Airforce!! And that is nationally!! I knew he was smart!!! YAHOO!!! That means no debt from school!! It was a very good day!


Stay tuned for Baby A's Gender.. We go back in on Monday to find out!!!