Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, we finally have access to internet, so I thought I would catch everyone up! We made it to Glendale!! It was a pretty easy move, and thanks to Lances dad and my parent's we were able to get things organized really good down here! Our ward is already awesome, there were 6 guys waiting to load everything upstairs for us, things couldn't have gone smoother! Lance is now 3 weeks into school and he is doing awesome! He got a big, fat, WHOPPING 93% on his first exam.. and let me tell you, it is REALLY hard, in depth material.. I occasionally peek at his computer to see the jibberish that he is studying.. It makes me dry heave..I can't believe him!! I just hope his smart jeans rub off on our kids.. But he is loving it, and loving the challenge.. He studies from 7am to 7 pm, eats dinner, then studies till bedtime! Friday nights have become our "date night" and I already look forward to these times! Last friday we found a Discount Cinema and went to a cheap movie that only cost $3.00! We have allowed us $20.00 a month for dates, so we will have to get pretty creative.. It's not easy being so poor! As for me, I am living a great life right now! I am enjoying keeping up the house, and pride myself in having meals ready for Lance when he gets home.. I don't know how long this will last, but its alot of fun right now to try out new recipes.. I also am busy painting things, decorating my house, and sewing things.. hahaha, I sound lame.. Anyways, did I mention we live at a RESORT!!! It was the best decision of our lives to live in these apts. An awesome pool, hot tub, gated entry, and my favorite.. a workout room.. Oh ya, and there are lakes all around our apartment!! We love it. I will take some pictures soon to show!

Also, I wanted to give a shout out to Hasky!! I don't really know why, but she asked me too.. I really miss her..

Anyways, life is good.. We have made some good friends already so that always makes everything better. We definately miss our families, but we are really enjoying this time because we know it's going to go by faster then we think! Hope everyone is doing good!

On our way to Arizona! I don't know why I was holding up the map.. we were using our GPS..

Please ignore the boxes and un-hung things around us.. we were still in the process of unpacking! But, This is our first nice dinner in AZ.. I attempted to make my Mom's famous rolls.. nothing close to hers, but they were actually pretty good! Lance is holding up his steak and his favorite cup..

This is the only part of our apt that is decorated.. Yes, that is a door.. Yes, It is there on purpose.. I love the door.. Lots of people don't really "get" the door.. We have found that it is a great conversation piece however.. what do you think?
We made it to the mesa temple! This is what you get when you put your camera on timer on your car.. a little lop-sided! But it was a very nice temple.. an older one so it was very unique and beautiful!!!The pillows I made.. I'm not sure about this one right above.. don't judge me.. I feel very vulnerable.. Its really hard to make a pillow cover to fit perfectly! Oh well, it was a fun thing to make..