Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here we come OREGON!!

Well, Here we come Oregon!! We finally decided on Pacific University in Forest Grove Oregon! Lance is going to go to Optometry school! We will leave this coming Aug! The school takes 4 years to complete, then I have no idea where we will end up! This is quite the adventure for us both, (especially me) and we are really, excited, nervous, anxious, happy, scared, thrilled, but most of all excited for this little adventure. It's kind of crazy imagining myself living there when I haven't even been to the state of Oregon!! I hear it's gorgeous up there though!!

Lance will be a Boxer!!The school mascot is a Boxer.. What is a Boxer you might ask?? Well, some sort of made up, mythical Chinese creature that is supposed to be very fierce.. Interesting....

Forest Grove: A city of 20,000 located 24 miles west of Portland, Oregon, a vibrant metropolitan area with a population of 2 million. Surrounded by the rich and productive farmlands of the Tualatin Valley, Forest Grove offers urban amenities in a striking rural setting.

Im kind of excited that we will be living in a small town, but only 30 minutes from Portland and close to the beach as well! I am so proud of Lance.. It is a hard thing to get into Optometry school and he got accepted into a great one!! I don't know how I got such a smart husband!! Quite an adventure we have in front of us!!

Most of all, I'm excited because our awesome friends TJ and Heather Peterson live up there as well! TJ is going to pharmacy school up there at the same school! Built in friends already!