Tuesday, August 16, 2011

They're Here!!

This post is a long time coming.. But it is hard to find time to do much of anything around here if it doesn't consist of feeding, changing or burping a baby!!

Our sweet babies decided to suprise us a bit earlier than planned! On July 25th Lance and I were at home enjoying the evening and trying to decide what we wanted to do the rest of the night... I got up from the couch to go get a drink of water.. and WATER is what happened!! I was in the kitchen when all of the sudden something just did not feel right, and we heard a big splash on the floor! My water had broke! I yelled to Lance in a worried tone and he immediately sprung into action!! So many thoughts started rushing through my head!! My biggest concern was that it was too soon. I was 34 weeks and 5 days along with the babies and I knew there was definately a chance they would need a lot of help after they were born.

Lance was hillarious. I have never seen him move so fast!! Within 2 minutes our bags were packed, toothbrushes loaded, baby outfits packed, and we were on our way to the hospital! Man was it an odd experience walking around after your water has just broke! I was soon hooked up to all sorts of monitors and they started running different tests on me. We figured out it was the baby girls sack that had broke. They then took a sample of amniotic fluid to see if the baby girls lungs were developed. Thankfully the test showed that they were.. That was a huge relief!! The only problem was we didn't know if the baby boys would be developed yet. But odds were pretty good that they would be.

Anyways.. fast forward a bit.. they had me labor through the night and in the morning we met with our doctor. Soon we were schedule for a C-section at 11:00 am! It all happened so fast!

Lance and I were so excited to finally meet our little ones.. They had me walk down to the OR and soon I was numb from my chest down and they were cutting into my belly! Lance took pictures of the whole thing.. I must admit.. He just might have passed me up with his photography skills! He took some awesome pictures! First came our sweet girl Evvie Jane! She screamed and screamed right from the start. She was so ready to get out of that cramped space! Next was William Lance. He on the other hand did not scream. I was so nervous, and it made it so much worse because I couldn't see anything that was going on. I kept asking why I couldn't hear 2 babies crying.. after about 1 minute of working him over he let out a very relieving scream!! Afterwards the nurses told me they were seconds away from intubating him. He had bruises all over his back afterwards because they were rubbing him so hard trying to get him to breath.

Hope you don't mind pictures like this.. I thought they were pretty amazing!

Evvie Jane Higbee 6lbs 19 inches 11:13 am

William Lance 5 lbs 13 oz, 18 3/4 inches long 11:14 am

Finally Will is breathing!!! He is the one closest to the camera.
Evvie Jane all hooked up to cords and wires.. We HATED all those things!!

Will right after birth.. Upset his sister broke out early.. He wasn't quite ready to come!!

First time holding both babies. In the NICU. Lance is already such a good dad. It is so fun seeing him with our babies.

Both of our babies were taken to the NICU to get checked out and looked over. We were SO BLESSED to not have any serious problems. All the nurses couldn't believe how big our babies were for being that early. We were very blessed that way as well.. Hopefully that means they both have the tall gene!! Will and Evvie checked out completly healthy. No breathing problems or anything! The only problem was Will hadn't quite mastered the "suck, swallow, breath" reflex yet, so he had to stay in the NICU for 2 long weeks until we could bring him home. Evvie was a great eater right from the start so she got to come home 5 days later. The first 2 weeks were exhausting as we tried to juggle having one baby at home, and one baby at the hospital. I hated having them apart for such a long time. It was so fun to bring home Will and just lay them by each other again!

They had to put a feeding tube through Will's nose to help him get the nutrition he needed. Whatever he didn't eat they would put through his tube. As he got better at eating they started tubing less and less until one WONDERFUL day they took the tube out and he drank the whole bottle by himself!! He has already been through so much and is such a tough little guy. We HATED seeing him in there with so many tubes and IV's. But we're so thankful he didn't have serious problems.

Sweet baby girl..

Brain washing Will already to play ball.

Will's first day home from the NICU!! YAHOO! As you can tell he is pumped!!

Life is so good. We are completly in love with these two little people. My mom has been a LIFESAVER these past few weeks. So far taking care of twins is a piece of cake!! Lance, my Mom and I have a great routine down. I know I will be thinking a lot differently when Lance goes back to school and my Mom leaves in a few days!! I will then be flying solo and out numbered 2 to 1!! It will be a CRAZY next few months, but I am excited for it and just happy to have these babies here!

Thanks for your prayers and support throughout all of this! We are so blessed to have such great family and friends in our lives!