Sunday, September 23, 2012

Simple Life

Life these days have been very routine oriented and relaxing. We have been home now for over a month which seems a bit odd considering how often we traveled during the summer. It is nice to not have anywhere to be, or anywhere to go, and I feel like Will and Evvie are enjoying the "down time" by exploring every inch of our small, two bedroom apartment, (As shown below).
It is insane how many messes these two can manage to make in just minutes! I am still feeling fairly new at this motherhood thing, and I just can't quite seem to figure out how to keep everything in your house clean, everyday! I suppose it is something you learn as you go. But for now I am putting the blame on Will & Evvie Jane!  They thought they were pretty hilarious in these pictures!!They have so much fun together and are starting to play so cute with each other. 

On another note, we have slowly found ourselves enjoying the weather here in Arizona. Now don't get me wrong, it's nowhere NEAR pleasant, but you can actually sit outside for a good 10 minutes and not feel as if the heat is slowly suffocating you. I can't wait until the weather is good and we can be outside more. I am a bit homesick right now however, because I know the Cedar Mountain is looking gorgeous as it's colors are starting to show. :( There is definitely no sign of fall here in Glendale!

These are some pictures I took of our family enjoying one of those said days. 

 Evvie still loves to eat everything she finds and gets extremely frustrated if we ever try to stop her! The picture above shows her glaring at me as I tell her she better not eat the stick!!
 Will is so observant and is always pointing to things. I swear he notices things that I don't even notice! He is so curious about everything around him!
 Throwing rocks off of the bridge to the fish. There are hundreds of disgusting coy fish in the lakes around our apartments. I say disgusting because if you ever even walk over the bridge they immediately  come to the surface and start swimming all over each other trying to get a good position for the food all of the little kids throw them everyday. I used to think it was cool, but now I find myself a bit disgusted! Oh well, Will loves it.
 You know Lance & I are proud to see Will wearing an SUU T-bird shirt! Hopefully he will be a baller like his parents so we can relive our glory days through him! ;)
 Once again, throwing things into the water. Every time he throws anything he grunts as if it was the biggest throw he has ever made. Cute.
Evvie Jane is always sure to keep her baby well fed and taken care of. Evvie and I spend a lot of quality time together as she always wakes up from her nap an hour or two, sometimes THREE hours before Will. My boy definitely knows how to sleep. Evvie on the other hand has been a light sleeper from day 1!! Sometimes I imagine what my life would be like if they both took a 3 hour nap at the same time everyday. I must admit, on a rare occasion it does happen, (I'm talking like 3 times). On those times it is amazing how much I get done! I find myself almost sprinting to get the housework done, and if I ever do get it done, then I just don't quite know what to do with myself! ANYWAYS, enough about that. I love the one on one time I get with my girl!

 Sometimes Evvie lets me put curlers in her hair. But, to this day she never leaves them in long enough to work! On this occasion she had managed to pull all of them out but 3 within a few minutes. Someday I will get to see the finished product!

Life is good. Lance is in his 3rd year and we figured out where his rotations will be next year! We will be here in Arizona, then up to Twin Falls, Idaho, then we finish up in Fort Collins, Colorado! I am excited to get to live in some fun and different places! If anyone knows of anyone who could help us out on knowing where to get a good apartment for 3 months in those areas, let me know!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Evvie's Sugar & Spice

Evvie Jane: Dainty, beautiful, soft, happy, smiley, patient, clingy, proud, petite, curious, smart,determined, tall, strong. 

Our sweet little girl deserves a post of her own as well.  I love the dynamic that our two babies share. Evvie Jane is truly the "sugar and spice and everything nice" in our home. She balances Will's craziness and brings a calm and happy spirit into our home.. I do however believe Evvie has a bit of a wild side to her like all of her Higbee aunts! She gets in these moods every now and then where she just squeals and screams with excitement and laughs uncontrollably at anything we do. Like I said, I credit it to the Higbee blood in her. 

 She thinks she is hilarious. She has perfected a dry, fake laugh. You can totally tell it's fake. She laughs whenever she thinks something is funny, or if sees us laughing. If she ever sneezes then you can count on  a fake laugh to follow. It is so cute!
 She still has zero teeth and she is 13 months old! We just hope that there are teeth in there somewhere. The dentist told me to worry when she is 16 months and there are no teeth still. That gives us 3 months!

She still loves touching our faces,  and if for some reason while I'm holding her and she isn't touching my face, or digging her fingers around my collar bones, then it just doesn't seem right. I guess I have gotten used to her fingers always making their way to my facial features!

 She is obsessed with clothes, and loves it when we put her in her Elmo pajamas. I don't even like Elmo.. But I find myself buying them Elmo things because they love him. She will somehow always find the pajamas. Sometimes they are in her drawer, in the laundry, or on the floor. Then she holds them in her dainty hands as she searches for Elmo's face with her long, skinny fingers. Once she finds him, she squeals with excitement and drags them around with her wherever she goes.

She is scared of men. Except for Lance and her Grandpas. She also loves her mother which makes me happy! Whenever she sees me she stretches both arms out as far as she can reaching for me. If I ever walk by, those outstretched arms follow we across the room. I love it, but it also make me feel horrible if  I can't pick her up at that time.

She has tiny feet. Like right now she is wearing size 6 month old shoes! I have no idea where she got that from.. Not from her Mama! She loves exploring and pulling herself up to anything she can. It is hard for her to settle down for naps nowadays because she can't help but stand up in her crib as soon as she is laid down. She is still not walking, but can walk pushing her stroller by herself! 

I love watching Evvie explore and learn new things. She finds joy in the smallest of things. Playing peek-a-boo, kicking her legs like crazy while sitting (as shown below), dancing, feeding anyone, seeing ducks, splashing, bubbles, opening and closing a book, pulling herself up (followed by a proud, cheesy grin, and a look that says she is waiting for my praise and applause because of what she just did), pulling everything out of my cupboards, her bird mobile, tickling Will, and seeing her Daddy come through the door. 

She is truly an answer to prayers. After being told by a doctor that I would most likely never get pregnant, she is proof that Heavenly Father gave us our own little miracle. I love being her Mother and thank God everyday for this opportunity. Evvie and Will have made me realize what is really important in life and have given me the opportunity to serve and to grow in so many ways. I really believe that becoming a mom is the most unselfish thing you can do.  Once your a mom all of your past hobbies and interests get put on the back burner. Although I find myself with a much different body than before, a decreased social life, and a house that has millions of tiny little crumbs and mismatched socks all over the floor, I can't imagine my life without them and already dread the day when they move away.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our little guy.

This little guy has been cracking me up lately. 
 He has turned into quite the climber!
 He ALWAYS is rushing for the fridge as soon as he hears it open. One time after we got back from a break and our fridge was empty I just let him go nuts!
 He is constantly trying to figure out new ways to climb through our bar stools.. But often times gets stuck instead, which leads to a very high pitch squeal, demanding some assistance.
 He is a thrower of rocks.. And he takes it very seriously. Once he starts it's very hard to get him to stop.
 He is a very deep thinker. (Just like his Daddy.)  He seriously has a better attention span than I do. He studies out everything he comes in contact with. He will read book after book, or play with a toy for so long!
 He is officially preferring to walk instead of crawl these days!
 He is super easy to get to smile or laugh. He thinks I am hilarious (which you KNOW I love!) I can just stare at him with a blank expression on my face and it gets him every time.
 He is a cuddler. Pretty sure that's not a word.. But he is. Sometimes I give in and rock both of them to sleep. These are the moments when I feel so thankful to be a Mom! I still can't believe I have twins. I love them so much.
 He is a good sleeper!  Especially after church(as shown below). Today in fact he took a 4 1/2 hour nap!! Now if only I could get Evvie to sleep that long! They always go down for naps at the same time.. But it is a common occurrence for Evvie to wake up, play, eat, and then be back down for another nap before he even wakes up!!

He loves his blue blanket. Which, on a side note is actually my old baby blanket. Why is it blue you ask? My Mom claims it was the only color of fabric available at the time to make it out of, and she didn't know if I was going to be a girl or a boy.. Cute right?
 He has the prettiest eyes with really long, straight eyelashes.
 He keeps his head bruised and  battled at all times. As you can tell below. He is a mover, and I can't help but cringe every time he takes a fall.
He is the sweetest little boy who gives too sloppy of kisses, throws major tantrums already, eats like a horse, acts like he is the boss around this place, loves music and singing, is terrified of helicopters, insists on walking around with something in his mouth, and has the highest pitch scream that causes me to have a headache. Every. Single. Day.

Gosh I love him.