Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, first of all, there is no such thing as Fall here in Arizona. Which is really too bad because Fall is my favorite time of the year! Instead, it just feels like a typical Cedar City day in July! Luckily enough we were able to go visit Cedar for my adorable niece and nephews 1st B-day! It was so much fun to see everyone again! We decided to take some 1 year old pictures of the babies while I was down. It was so much fun! Also, Lance and I decided to pose in front of an awesome Tree to document our only Fall experience of 2010!
By the way, I have been keeping busy with taking pictures for people. It has been so much fun and keeps me busy.. I have decided I need a blog to put all my pictures for people to look at. So, hopefully within this week I will have it up and running. Hopefully it will be a bit longer lived than my Cake blog!!! ahahaha! I soon found out that making cakes takes A LOT of time and A LOT of cleaning up afterwards! Plus, A LOT of late nights stressing out over a sunken cake! Plus, I wasn't willing to charge people enough to make it worth it for me.. Anyways, I know this photog blog will be around for longer! :) hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Who would have thought that we would experience our first storm of golf ball hail while in Arizona. Isn't it supposed to be really hot here?? It lasted for about 1 minute, maybe not even that long. We had to run out and get some to document it all. Luckily our car was under a cover, but SOOOO many cars around here are dented up so bad.. It was kind of entertaining to drive around the next day and see all of the damage... haha, thats awful.. Our neighbor got his tail light knocked out. On the news today it talked about all of the car dealerships who had all of their brand new inventory damaged with alot of dents and broken out windows!!! Isn't that just horrible!?!?! Who would have thunk!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The White Coat!

Hello everyone! Our lives have been busy here in Arizona.. Lances life has been busy actually.. He has been a studying fool lately! I always seem to find him in interesting positions while he is becoming educated, so I have decided to start capturing them. He really is doing so good though. School is intense and he is really enjoying it. He never ceases to amaze me however.. Last test he got a 100%! I need to start getting used to the fact that he always gets good grades and stop being so suprised by a perfect test score I guess. It's just so hard to do because I was NEVER one of "those students!"

Moving on, this past weekend was the White Coat Ceremony! Apparently it is a big deal. What they do is they present the first year student's their White Medical Coats.They defined it as, "A symbolic rite of passage for students of the healing arts. It signifies the students' initiation into the clinical phase of education and toward a career as a health care professional."

It kind of felt like a pre-graduation. It was pretty neat though.. I got really into it and excited about it all.. I probably took way too many pictures, but I'm really proud of Lancey-poo so I had to document it.
Putting on the WHITE COAT!!

Ah, the handshake..

Lance feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD!! Look at that smile! He is feeling good about himself here! Well.. that's what I thought, but when I showed Lance this picture his explanation was, "this is all kind of weird.. I feel like I have accomplished something awesome, but in reality I haven't even started! I still have 4 more years of all of this!"

His Optometry class. All 50 of them!

The Jacksons! These are our new friends. Lance has a good study buddy now, and I have a good craft buddy!
Afterwards Lance showed me around the Optometry Lab. He practiced some of his tests on me. I was very impressed. He is already a great doctor. If any of you are having eye related problems in about 4 years keep Lance in mind.

Don't they all look so intimidating and like they know what they are doing?!?! Wrong-O! They are still very fresh and only know how to do 2 eye tests. BUT, they have a white coat! ;)

I love this picture! He really is doing a great job and I am so blessed to have such an attractive doctor in my life. Basically, Look out world.. Here comes Dr. Higbee!.... (That was maybe too much..) I just can't help it.. he looks so darn proffesional in that white coat! I sure am proud of you Lance!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, we finally have access to internet, so I thought I would catch everyone up! We made it to Glendale!! It was a pretty easy move, and thanks to Lances dad and my parent's we were able to get things organized really good down here! Our ward is already awesome, there were 6 guys waiting to load everything upstairs for us, things couldn't have gone smoother! Lance is now 3 weeks into school and he is doing awesome! He got a big, fat, WHOPPING 93% on his first exam.. and let me tell you, it is REALLY hard, in depth material.. I occasionally peek at his computer to see the jibberish that he is studying.. It makes me dry heave..I can't believe him!! I just hope his smart jeans rub off on our kids.. But he is loving it, and loving the challenge.. He studies from 7am to 7 pm, eats dinner, then studies till bedtime! Friday nights have become our "date night" and I already look forward to these times! Last friday we found a Discount Cinema and went to a cheap movie that only cost $3.00! We have allowed us $20.00 a month for dates, so we will have to get pretty creative.. It's not easy being so poor! As for me, I am living a great life right now! I am enjoying keeping up the house, and pride myself in having meals ready for Lance when he gets home.. I don't know how long this will last, but its alot of fun right now to try out new recipes.. I also am busy painting things, decorating my house, and sewing things.. hahaha, I sound lame.. Anyways, did I mention we live at a RESORT!!! It was the best decision of our lives to live in these apts. An awesome pool, hot tub, gated entry, and my favorite.. a workout room.. Oh ya, and there are lakes all around our apartment!! We love it. I will take some pictures soon to show!

Also, I wanted to give a shout out to Hasky!! I don't really know why, but she asked me too.. I really miss her..

Anyways, life is good.. We have made some good friends already so that always makes everything better. We definately miss our families, but we are really enjoying this time because we know it's going to go by faster then we think! Hope everyone is doing good!

On our way to Arizona! I don't know why I was holding up the map.. we were using our GPS..

Please ignore the boxes and un-hung things around us.. we were still in the process of unpacking! But, This is our first nice dinner in AZ.. I attempted to make my Mom's famous rolls.. nothing close to hers, but they were actually pretty good! Lance is holding up his steak and his favorite cup..

This is the only part of our apt that is decorated.. Yes, that is a door.. Yes, It is there on purpose.. I love the door.. Lots of people don't really "get" the door.. We have found that it is a great conversation piece however.. what do you think?
We made it to the mesa temple! This is what you get when you put your camera on timer on your car.. a little lop-sided! But it was a very nice temple.. an older one so it was very unique and beautiful!!!The pillows I made.. I'm not sure about this one right above.. don't judge me.. I feel very vulnerable.. Its really hard to make a pillow cover to fit perfectly! Oh well, it was a fun thing to make..

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well, it has been a while! I quit my job about 3 weeks ago now, and I am so glad I did because our family has had alot happen.. My cute Grandpa Passed away on July 7th, and it has been a sad, overwhelming, spiritual, loving and overall growing experience. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family, and I am so thankful for my Grandpa for allowing us to have all of that. He was such a neat man, and he will truly be missed. I am so glad I have been able to spend so much time with him these past few years. I look up to my Grandparent's relationship so much. My Sweet grandma was there with him until the very end holding his hand and loving him. It is definately a great example to Lance and I, and something that we both work for everyday. It will be very different now without him, but I am truly at peace with everything because of our wonderful Gospel. I am so glad I took these pictures just about a week before it all happened!

I also have been keeping busy with making my first wedding cake and taking their pictures as well.. This was clear back in June, I am just a little slow posting. It was one crazy weekend, but I ended up learning alot and am so glad they let me do it!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Well, we have been busy! Lance is enjoying his last summer of his life, and I am working at SBSU until the end of this month! I turned in my papers to show I was leaving and they informed me that I had 3 sick days that I hadn't used, and if I didn't use them I would lose them!!! How about that for good news!??! So, Lance and I planned a big get away! We went to Alamo, then on over to Zion to camp and Hike angels landing! On our way home we stopped by Sand Hollow and floated around for a couple hours! It was a BLAST! It was so fun just being with Lance, he cracks me up!

Funny story, we didn't have an outlet to blow up our air mattress, so we decided to walk 1/4 mile to blow up our air mattress, then we had to walk back with it blown up, then we realized it wouldn't fit in our tiny tent!!!! hahahah! We laughed our heads off! So what do we do? We shove it in there and make it work.. Sure, we could have ruined the tent, but we didn't care! We saved up a long time for this air mattres and gosh danget we were going to use it!!! So, we had to take a picture..

I also have been taking millions of pictures of my family.. I have decided I need to stop bothering them, or else they won't be able to see from all of my flashes! Thanks for being good sports.. If you want me to practice on any of you, let me know!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Senior Pics

Once again I was able to take some pictures of my cousin Jennifer! It was so much fun and I think she looks awesome! Things are going good with us, we finally got an apartment in Arizona and we are so excited! It looks like a five star resort, and we live right next to the pool and workout room so I couldn't be happier!