Monday, October 31, 2011

3 months!

3 Months!!

Time is flying by, and I find it so fun but so sad at the same time! It seems like just yesterday my babies were little preemies in the NICU, and now they are chunks who are smiling and being "real people" instead of just sleeping, eating and pooping!..(although a lot of that is still going on.. :) )

Will- He is our happy boy! Here are a few things about him..

-He has rolled over 3 times!! He rolled over at 1 month.. crazy.. but he just barely did it again two times in a row.. Lance was a very proud dad..

-He is "wirey" as Lance likes to proudly call it.. He is always so stiff and trying to stand or do something..

-He is SOO happy! At nights I will be closing my eyes trying to burp him and whenver I open them there he is giving me a big gummy smile! Whenever he locks eyes with someone he smiles so big.

-Speaking of his smile.. it's the cutest smile! He smiles with his whole face..

-Has started sleeping through the night!!! About a week ago he slept 9 whole hours!!! I didn't know what to do with myself. And what makes it even better is that Evvie did too!!! I haven't gotten that much sleep since June!!! I feel like a whole new woman!!

- Loves, Loves, LOVES to eat!!! As soon as he is up I better act fast because within a matter of seconds he is letting me know he is starving!! Such a good change from his past NICU days with a feeding tube in his nose!

-Likes to tell us "stories." We think he really thinks he is talking to us..

-Likes looking at his sister when they lay down by each other.. cutest thing ever.

-Has just recently started doing a pouty lip. I love it!

-Gets furious whenever he gets the hiccups.

-Is so close to laughing.. but instead does a fake laugh/chuckle.

-So happy in the mornings! But only for a short period of time.. then it's on to food!

Evvie Jane

-Our long skinney girl!

-Is so sweet and has become quite a cuddly baby.. which I love!

-Is ALWAYS moving her hands so cute.. hard to explain.. but she is so dainty with her hands and is always touching her face softly with them. She has also recently discovered them and likes to stare at them every now and then.

-Such a patient baby, thank goodness since Will has a very strict agenda!!

-SOO happy! When she wakes up in the mornings she never cries. I always wake up to her kicking and squeeling and smiling! It is the best way to wake up!

-Sleeps 8-9 hours straight every night for about 2 weeks now!!! WOOT WOOT!! Like I said, I feel like a whole new woman!

-Hates it when Will hits her in the face.

-Loves her baths.

-Falls asleep on her own all the time. When she wakes up at 6 I feed her, lay her under her toys to kick, then go back to bed. She plays for about 20 minutes then falls back asleep on her own. Bless her... ;)

-Loves to kick and squeel. Sometimes she sucks in and squeels so loud and hard it makes her cough! It is so funny.

-Has the sweetest little smile

-Is starting to get the cutest fuzzy hair that I can put into somewhat of a mo-hawk!

-Still loves to snuggle up with Will. She goes right to sleep with him by her. Which I love.

-Such a sweet little girl!

Lance has 2 more weeks of intense school and finals and then we are off for 2 weeks for Thanksgiving!! There have been a few long days where It's just me and the babies from 7 am to 8 pm with a break in the middle for lunch, but we are all surviving! I go out all the time during their naps because it seems like they nap better when they are moving in their carseats. I am getting used to the attention having twins brings, and have found the number one thing that gets said to a mother of twins is, "Looks like you've got your hands full!" Seriously, no joke.. I swear that's what I hear 90% of the time.. I also hear, "A boy and a girl?? How lucky!! ARE THEY IDENTICAL??" I am amazed about how much people don't know about twins.. but for all you readers out there that don't know.. A BOY AND A GIRL CAN'T BE IDENTICAL!! hahaha... I find that question so funny. I will usually try to explain this reasoning, and one time a girl said, "Ya, but they look a lot a like.. So they could be right?" I just laughed and pretended like she had a good point. Pretty funny.

Life is so good.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

As of Lately..

Life is good... My babies are almost 2 1/2 months and I can't believe it! It seems like these past 2 months have gone by SOOO fast and no it is just one big blur. I am trying so hard to soak in every moment and enjoy every second of these two. So far so good.. Thank goodness my babies are good babies. Evvie is an angel baby, and once Will gets all of his gas out then he is an angel baby as well! :) They are so much fun, and are starting to be real human beings by smiling and interacting with us!

Will has the cutest lips..

My beautiful Evvie Jane..

2 month check up stats-

Evvie- 11 lbs 7 oz >97% for length! >97% for weight

Will- 11 lbs 5 oz >97% for length! >97% for weight

We were pretty pumped about that... Our little preemie's aren't so little anymore! It makes us so happy to see that they are already tall.. hopefully that continues to be a trend.. I don't see how it couldn't.

Things I have learned being a mother of twins-

-I have suddenly become the worlds best multi-tasker.. and I am always planning ahead for what my next move will be. I honestly wish sometimes people could see me sometimes.. The other day I was nursing one baby, pumping on the other side, and holding and feeding the other baby a bottle! I mean come on!! that is impressive right? Too bad no one gets to ever witness it.. probably a good thing I guess.

-I am constantly amazed that a human being can function on so little sleep for so long. I mean seriously.. It started at 7 months pregnant.. And now ever since their birth, the longest stretch of time I have slept is 5 hours.. and that was only one time!! Right now I am averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night. But weirdly enough I think my body is getting used to it.. I'm sure it will all catch up to me sooner or later.

-It's true what they all say... You really do feel like a milk cow.

-It's ok if babies cry.. Or at least that's what I have to tell myself when they both need me and I can't help them both.

-I have become really good at handling and holding a baby with just one arm/hand.

-Taking pictures has never been so much fun..

-Traveling is crazy!! I mean it seriously took us 4 hours to pack for our first trip.. it was nuts! Our little car was packed to the brim with stuff!

-I am completely in love with these two little babies.

I am loving every aspect of being a mom right now. We have waited a long time for this and it has been worth every second! We can't get enough of them!