Sunday, June 6, 2010

Well, we have been busy! Lance is enjoying his last summer of his life, and I am working at SBSU until the end of this month! I turned in my papers to show I was leaving and they informed me that I had 3 sick days that I hadn't used, and if I didn't use them I would lose them!!! How about that for good news!??! So, Lance and I planned a big get away! We went to Alamo, then on over to Zion to camp and Hike angels landing! On our way home we stopped by Sand Hollow and floated around for a couple hours! It was a BLAST! It was so fun just being with Lance, he cracks me up!

Funny story, we didn't have an outlet to blow up our air mattress, so we decided to walk 1/4 mile to blow up our air mattress, then we had to walk back with it blown up, then we realized it wouldn't fit in our tiny tent!!!! hahahah! We laughed our heads off! So what do we do? We shove it in there and make it work.. Sure, we could have ruined the tent, but we didn't care! We saved up a long time for this air mattres and gosh danget we were going to use it!!! So, we had to take a picture..

I also have been taking millions of pictures of my family.. I have decided I need to stop bothering them, or else they won't be able to see from all of my flashes! Thanks for being good sports.. If you want me to practice on any of you, let me know!