Friday, April 8, 2011


A lot of people always brag about their husbands on their blogs, so I figured now was a good time to get my adequate amount of bragging in.. Lance is amazing.. Let me tell you one of the reasons why. This past week he was sworn into the Air Force. That's right! We are in the Air Force! If you would have told me 1 year ago we would be in the Air Force I never would have believed you and I would have been straight panicing at the idea of even being in that situation! But it happened, and we are SOOOO happy about it. Now that we are in the Air Force they will completely cover all of Lances Optometry school.. Phew!!! No more lingering debt of 300,000 + hanging over our heads.. In return we will owe them 3 years of service at a base here in the US after he graduates. That is the basics of it all.. Along with many other benefits along the way. So, let me get to the bragging part. Lance was 1 of only 15 people elected to receive this Optometry Scholarship for the Air Force NATION WIDE!!!! 1 out of 15!! I didn't even realize how competitive the scholarship was until the recruitor told us all when they swore him in. Bottom line, I knew Lance was something special. Seriously though, he is just on top of things and doing some pretty amazing things with his/our lives. Needless to say, I am very proud & blessed. Ok, Ill stop bragging now, it's probably getting quite annoying.
After They swore him in Lance had to salute the person swearing him in, then he turned and the guy in the uniform had to salute Lance! It was crazy because uniform guy has been in the airforce 30 or so years,and already Lance is a higher rank than him. They treat their medical proffesionals pretty good.

On another note.. I am also proud of this picture.. seriously.. We found this awesome place to take pictures down here, and there are birds everywhere.. I was saying to the Mom, "I wish we could get a peacock to spread its feathers for the background of a picture. " Literally seconds later we turn the corner and see this beauty. This NEVER happens right? It was huge, and we were scared it might be in attack mode so we only took like 2 pictures in front of it. Thank goodness one turned out!

Also, I never made it clear in my last post.. Baby A is definately a girl! Those dang ultrasound techs were giving me grief! We are glad to have things figured out finally! My latest project includes these cute onesies and a headband.. Poor boy always gets the short end of the deal.. They just don't have many accesories for boys.