Monday, August 10, 2009

Mrs. Teller

Well, I have officially joined the workforce and am finally contributing to society!! I have just recently started a job working as a teller at State Bank Of Southern Utah! (And no, my Dad had nothing to do with me getting the job!!) I work at the south main office full time and I am liking it so far. There is ALOT of things to learn and to get used to, but things are finally starting to click and I am feeling alot more comfortable with things. I get to work at the drive through window, and I really like it because you get to send things to people through tubes... ahhaha.. I work with some really fun people so that always helps too.. I have been trained on what to do if i get robbed, how to identify counterfit checks/money, and many other scary things.. It is so crazy.. I handle and touch so much money everyday.. I always think, "This money could change my life, and all it is is paper with numbers on it!" ANYWAYS, overall its great EXCEPT for the fact that Lance and his family went on a really fun river raft vacation and I couldn't go because I had to work!!! :( So, that has definately been a downer.. Hopefully I can go next time..