Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby Drew

Disclaimer: This contains a lot of info that probably won't be of much interest to you.. However, I wanted to post it for personal/journaling reasons. :) 

Gosh.. Hello Blog. Where do I even start?? A lot has happened. First off, we have 3 kids now. Ya, I know, that was fast right?? 3 years ago we had a fertility doctor look us in the eyes and tell us we would never be able to get pregnant unless we did fertility treatments. And, that if by some chance we ever did become pregnant on our own, it would be a miracle. We ended up doing one round of Invitro Fertilization and thankfully ended up with Will & Evvie Jane. We soaked in everything we could about my pregnancy with them and their lives! We took millions of pictures and videos. I kept journals and made photo albums. To tell you the truth I think I went a little overboard in documenting their lives. But  I did it because I was also told by another fertility doctor that I might never, EVER be able to have kids.    
(These doctors have got to learn to never say these kind of things!!)  Anyways, I am getting sidetracked. My point is, we knew there was a good chance that Will & Evvie might be our only kids, so we tried to absorb, capture and soak in every. Last. Detail. 

Will & Evvie were 14 months old. We were in Cedar City for Thanksgiving. I had been feeling a little sick for a few days, but I figured it was the beginnings of the flu. Then, it hit me! I was doing laundry and the smell of the laundry soap made me want to vomit! Later, I was brushing my teeth and couldn't help but dry heave every time I put the tooth brush in my mouth. That's when I knew! I told Lance I was pregnant and he laughed. I told him to take me to the dollar store so I could by a test (the most accurate test out there)! He laughed again. Finally I convinced him to do so and soon enough I had 2 pink lines to prove my pregnancy!

This is the day we found out we were expecting another baby! We felt like we still had 2 babies!!

Seeing those pink lines appear was unreal! HOW COULD IT BE THIS EASY!?!?! We weren't even considering thinking about doing fertility treatments yet! We couldn't get over the fact of how easy it was.. No shots, no pills, no timing, no ultrasounds, no doctor appointments, no money, no waiting, or wondering, or getting your hopes up and then crushed over and over. We felt so many different emotions. We were shocked, surprised, overwhelmed, in disbelief, thrilled, happy, scared, overwhelmed.. But overall we were overcome with a feeling of complete gratitude. It was indeed "a miracle" just like our fertility doctor had predicted. 

So... now that we are somewhat caught up.. 

The pregnancy went well. I was nauseas for what seemed like forever and at 18 weeks I finally started to feel better. I used to not have any sympathy for sick, pregnant people.. Well, boy was that a bad choice. Karma came back to make a fool of me. 

I went into early labor on a Saturday night. We actually ended up going to the hospital at 12:30 am because they were quite painful and 6-7 minutes apart. I had a C-section with the twins, and I was going to try for a vbac this time around, so basically I had no idea what I was doing. Well, we were told I was indeed in labor, just the easy stages. I was only dilated to a 1, so they made me walk around a dark hospital for one whole hour to try to get things going.Afterward I still hadn't progressed so they sent me home. I always told myself I wouldn't be one of those people who go in too early for labor. Boy I felt dumb. We arrived home at 6 am, just in time for Evvie to wake up. :) It was the first all nighter Lance and I had pulled in a long time..

After 4 days of horrible, relentless, early labor, my water finally broke on Wednesday morning. I had no idea early labor could last that long. Contractions for 4 days that were anywhere from 4 to 15 minutes apart. Nonstop. And I'm not talking little contractions, I'm talking curl up in a ball and "breath through them" kind of contractions. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep. It was horrible. The doctors assured me that some women experience long drawn out labor. They kept telling me to not come in unless they were 3-4 minutes apart for 2 hours!! I was at a complete loss of what to do. The days were so long and painful, and I was convinced I was going to go into shock soon from all of the drawn out pain!

Wednesday morning my water broke. I was so relieved. The previous night I couldn't sleep at all and prayed over and over for this baby to come soon. Lance just so happened to be home between class and a rotation so it couldn't have been better timing. We excitedly headed to the hospital. 

 By the time we got the the hospital and hooked up to the monitors the nurses kept mentioning that I was having really strong contractions. It was nice to have some verification that what I had been experiencing at home for 4 days was considered a strong contraction. It makes me feel like I'm not such a wuss.  Why am I always worried about being so tough?? Anyways, it makes me sick to even think about the long, drawn out, pain I experienced those 4 days.

Labor went fast from there on out! After only 9 pushes Drew David Higbee was born into the world at 19:19! Weighing in at 9 lbs 2.8 oz and 21 1/4 inches! Everyone kept commenting on how big he was. I had to agree, because he was double the size of Will or Evvie! I was so happy and proud that I had just had a successful vbac. It was a long road finding a supporting doctor and hospital, but in the end it worked out so great!

 My Mom was our lifesaver. She helped out so much. I need her to move in with me permanently. 

 Cutest chubby cheeks. Such a big boy!

 We were so excited to introduce Will & Evvie to the baby. For months and months we had been trying to explain things to them. Evvie is obsessed with babies right now, so Drew couldn't have come at a better time for her! Will on the other hand was more into the presents that Drew brought him. :)  He does notice him occasionally however, and loves him to pieces for a few short seconds and then moves on to something else.

Will loved coming to the hospital just so he could raise and lower the bed and eat food!
 Opening their presents from baby Drew. 
 First day home!
 Evvie has adjusted pretty well. I was worried how she would react because she is such a cuddle bug and a momma's girl. It seems to me like she thinks that Drew is just as much her baby is he is mine. It's like we are a team at taking care of him. She helps change his diaper, give baths, gives him his binky, and if he ever makes a peep she is the first to hear him and the first to run to him too. She is always touching his hands, or playing with his toes unconsciously. I love it. They already have such  a special bond. Drew is so lucky!

Drew is such a good baby. He only cries when something is wrong, if he is hungry, tired or poopy. He is already sleeping 5-6 hours each night! It is insane! He was sleeping this much at 3 days old. It took Will & Evvie months to be able to go that long without eating! I guess it shows how big of a difference it makes when you don't have your baby and month early and he weighs 9 pounds! Drew is so calm and content and seems to love his mother to pieces. :)
 Whenever Will see's Drew, even if Drew is sleeping he yells, "Baby Drew's awake!! Baby Drew's awake!!"  He loves his little brother too, and although he isn't all up in his grill like Evvie Jane seems to be, it seems as if Will keeps really good track of Drew and always knows where he is. 

We love our little Drew. He was a big surprise, but an even bigger miracle and blessing. We wouldn't have it any other way. We feel completely blessed to be able to have 3 kids. Some days seem a bit overwhelming, but to be honest I love the crazy chaos of taking care of 3 babies! I know that it will all go too fast and soon Drew will be running around as a hyper 2 year old making me wonder where my baby went. I am trying to soak in every ounce of Drew that I can!!


Aubrey said...

Love the pictures! He looks soo sweet and cuddly! This post made me excited for our baby to come! That is great Evvie is so helpful- what a relief and blessing! Your kids are adorable!! Congrats!

Jessica said...

WOW What a surprise! Congrats to you and your family! I bet you and Lance are the best parents ever! How fun to have 3 little ones. I know we never talk anymore but we think of you guys often. We hope you are doing well with your lives!
Jared and Jessica Johnson

Bode & Taryn said...

Congrats!! Your post is so cute...almost makes me baby hungry:-) haha! Your babies are beautiful!

Mandy said...

I just blog stalked my way over to your blog! I love hearing people's birth stories! I am so sorry your labor was a long drawn out event! It's a dang good thing those babies are so cute!
I love how much Evvie loves Drew! And that picture of lance and drew in the hat is heart melting cute!!!
Hope you are doing well!! I hate that I never see you guys any more...and your moving in like three weeks!

Kristi Barnes said...

SOOOO cool! I'm happy for you guys, you have beautiful children and take stunning pictures.