Monday, November 12, 2012

Cowboys & Indians!

This Halloween it was very easy to come up with an idea.. And I have no idea why.. Why or how did I think of a cowboy & indian? I have no clue. I can't wait until they start choosing what they want to be. It will be so much easier!

 I have to give a shout out to my Mom.. Notice Evvie's adorable shoes and Will's chaps that she just threw together and they came out amazing. She also felt it was very important for me to have a costume as well.. So in an hour or less she created a pretty impressive Indian costume if I do say so myself.  Thanks Mom!! It was so fun having her all to myself for a whole week.  For some reason I don't know where those pictures are at the moment.. But it was a blast.

 Getting ready for the goods.
 "What's on your head?"
 Will was rocking my Mom's Rodeo Queen belt buckle! Boo ya! Pretty cool.
 Evvie & Daddy at the Trunk or Treat!
 Looking like big kids..
 After a long night, they were so ready to go home. I decided to let them enjoy what they worked so hard for and gave them a sucker. It was a quiet ride home..
 My manly man and his mustache.
 Grandma Kris and Papa Eddy came to visit on Halloween day. It was so fun and for some reason Evvie seems to fall asleep so good with her Papa holding her!

 We painted and carved pumpkins, but the best part of the night was putting the paint IN the pumpkins. It kept them busy for quite a while. Whenever they see an empty container it seems as if they immediately take it upon themselves to fill it up with something. It is one of their great purposes in life at this stage in their life.
 "Real" Trick or Treating. The new bike we just got came in real handy to hang their buckets. Evvie was terrified of the whole concept because for some reason I thought it would be ok to take her to a door that had a scary life size witch that talked with scary music and fog.. BAD IDEA. She was terrified of every house after that. Fortunately Will wasn't scarred by the witch and thoroughly enjoyed himself.
 This just might be one of my all time favorite pictures of my boys!
 Our little family.
Scoping out what house to go to next.
 On a side note.. People in Arizona have the whole Trick or Treating thing down!!! They all sit outside on their driveway or sidewalk! Some have fires going, others have music.. It is seriously the best idea.. Why isn't it like this everywhere you go? It was like a big neighborhood party!
 Some of Will & Evvie's friends.
Halloween was great.  It is so fun having kids who enjoy and realize that something fun is going on! Plus, Lance & I have been really enjoying all the hard work that Will & Evvie did!!

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