Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break!

Our Spring break/Late honey moon was AMAZING! We spent a whole week together in Kaui and we wish we could go back to the nice weather!We did alot of really fun things and our vacation was anything BUT relaxing!! We really didn't spend much time layin on the beach at all! We went on 3 hikes, a kyak expedition and much, much more! We were completly worn out by the end of the day! Here are some fun pictures showing what we did. I tried to create a really cute picture above, but Lance INSISTED that his foot be in it for some odd reason... He figured that since I drew the heart, he should be able to have a part in it too... Looks like he got his way! :)

We rented a kayak for the day and set off on the Waiulua River! We kyaked about 2 miles then did a hike to the "secret falls" that weren't so secret! It was SOOO muddy on the hike we ended up going barefoot almost the whole way! I have never been so muddy! It was the kind of mud that you would slide around in, making it very difficult to walk:) On the hike out we decided to make the best of the mud situation as you can tell....

This was my favorite day! We rode on a zodiac and toured the Goregous Na Pali Coast! It honestly is unreal.. I would say the prettiest place I have ever seen. Kaui is so beautiful! This is where alot of movies have been filmed like Jurrasic Park, a James Bond movie.. Raiders of the lost tomb etc... The boat was real bumpy and because of weight distribution Lance and I couldn't sit by each other.. Poor Lance though was surrounded by two girls throwing up into the ocean!! Nevertheless he recovered! The best part was when we saw whales! They actually swam right under our boat! They were huge, and it was so interesting to see them so close! I have alot of pictures, but I liked this one the best cause in it you can see the belly of it. The turquoise part in the water is the underneath of the whale! So cool! THEN, we ran into a pack of 200+ dolphin!!! They were so playful and chasing our boat! It was so cool to look out and see so many dolphin jumping at the same time! It definately was an amazing day!

Kaui has SO many neat waterfalls! Here is Opeka'a Falls. As you can see, Lance doesn't follow the Hawaiin rules.

This is the gorgeous Waimai Canyon! I don't know if I'm spelling these right by the way... We hiked out to see this amazing lookout and a 300 ft waterfall! These pictures don't even do it justice honestly! We also found a spot to have a Hawaiian Picnic! It was so much fun!

Another hike we did.. This is the beginnging of the Na Pali Coast. We hiked to a hidden beach. It was kind of a cool little place. Once again the view was AMAZING!

The church we went to.. It was such a nice and friendly ward. They sang to us and gave us some home made leis. We loved it! Definately a highlight!

The delicious Hula Pie! This was our last night on the Island.. This pie was AMAZING!! I wish I could have another right now!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Times!!

Ya BiRdS!

Well, I am officially no longer an athlete at SUU!! I can't believe it! Basketball has been a HUGE part of my life and it is unreal to think that I will no longer compete seriously anymore! I have SOOO many mixed feelings about it being over. First off, I have to admit I am very much relieved! Basketball has been the biggest, most time consuming commitment for me. I have constantly had to worry about getting in the gym, staying in shape, watching what I eat, getting enough sleep... etc.. for 8 years now! So honestly, it feels great not having to worry about all that anymore! I'm not going to lie, I haven't worked out or even thought about working out for about 2 weeks now, and im not going to for a while! But, at the same time it is VERY sad! I am going to miss it a whole lot! I will miss being around all of my teammates, working hard everyday,playing in front of my family and home town, traveling all over the United States, setting goals and most of all just the game of basketball!! But, like Lance always reminds me,
"The only thing constant in life is change!" I loved my time at SUU, and honestly playing basketball has taught me so much. I have had to go through alot of hard times and good times with basketball, and because of that I think I am a better person! It will be fun to move onto the next phase in my life and focus on being a wife and hopefully getting a job!!

I'm not sure if you all knew this, but I am a gangster in training. Tiny G taught me everything i know about being a straight up gangser!! Just check out those signs were flashing!! Hardcore! Traveling was always long, but alot of fun at the same time! I'm going to miss everyone!

We had a big family party on Lances birthday!! It was so much fun. I had my last home game on the same night as his birthday, so afterwards we went up to my parents and had cake and ice cream.. Lance's mom Kris even made the Higbee's famous Alamo tacos! It was so much fun to be with everyone!Lance is still in denial that he is 23! He wants to stay young forever! His cake by the way, was AMAZING!! we layered ice cream sandwiches, then we spread a layer of snickers ice cream cake over them, followed by another row of sandwhiches. Then we spread cool whip and topped it with crumbled snickers!! It seriously was so good. I highly recommend it! Lance had a good day, and I am so glad he is my husband!! He is always happy and in a good mood and makes my life good!