Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coach Hod passed away yesterday, Nov. 3. It happened so quickly, and it still seems as if it's not real. He was an amazing man and coach, and I am so thankful that I had the oppurtunity to be coached by him for the past 2 1/2 years. He taught me so much, not only about basketball, but about life. He was a fighter... I don't think anyone really knows how much he had to go through, but I NEVER heard him complain about his circumstances once, and there were many times he could have. He came to practice everyday until he physically couldn't anymore. Even though he could barely sit up in his chair, he was there on the sidelines watching us and coaching us until they had to take him to the hospital. He never gave up on us as a team, and has helped me to become a much better person and player. Our team was fortunate enough to go see him the day before he died and I am so thankful I had the oppurtunity to hug him and say goodbye to him. Even though he was deadly sick, he told our team that he planned on coming back to practice soon.. Once again, a fighter!!! His last words of advice to us were, " We gotta get to work ladies, we've got to take care of our business!" I loved that man and will miss him very much.

So... I have to teach pre school three times this semester for a class I have, and so I decided to take the children on a field trip to the Centrum! It was alot of fun.. and we even had a suprise guest... THOR!!! The best part was.. Thor was actually Lance!!! It was hillarious! I was just as entertained as the kids watching Lance dance around and act like a bird.. What a good husband!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


For Halloween this year, Lance wasn't too excited about dressing up. I kept trying to think of things to be, but he had no interest until I mentioned the idea of being Mexicans!! As you can see he fits the part pretty well... The painted on chest hair and mustache!! He really liked it because he spoke Spanish the whole time. I also learned how to say Lance is very handsome and strong!
We all got dressed up and went out to dinner at the Pizza Factory... As you can see we were accompanied by some real violent ninja turtles, a referee, and a great basketball player!!!

Lance wanted to pose like this because he says this is how all mexicans take pictures.. Standing far apart with a serious face..

We had a doughnut eating competition.. you know, the one where it's tied on the string.. Dad actually won.. It was quite impressive!
(Notice how much Lance really looks like a Mexican here) :)

We also had a cake walk.. You might be thinking we're a little too old to be doing such things... But it was seriously hillarious.. I don't know what happened, but pretty soon Lance was doing a Mexican hat dance, and Chad was steamrolling Brittany to the ground giving her major carpet burns.. ahah.. it was a blast!