Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My sister is REALLY talented at making things out of wood. It's seriously insane. She makes me so many cute picture frames, this awesome table that you could put in your entry way, or behind a couch, she made her boy the most adorable book shelf, she made me a shadow box to display Lance's basketball jersey, benches, stools, mirrors, tin tiles, decorative blocks with vinyl on them.. Seriously, anything. It's nuts. She has quite the wood working shop! Anyways, she started a blog with her friend and they do custom orders on anything. For instance I told her to make me this table and told her the exact heigth and width to make it so it would fit perfectly in this spot. She will also paint it any color you want. And the best part is.. she has super low prices!

So, go check out her blog and even if you don't see anything on her blog you would like, email her with an idea of what you would like and she will do it for you. You can click on the button to the side of my blog. It's called Decorative Designs!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Were still alive!

We're still alive!!! Holy cow it's been FOREVER!!!! It has honestly been the busiest 2 months of our lives.. for reasons I will explain later. I feel like I haven't been here in AZ for the longest time! Our lives are finally starting to slow down again and have normalcy. We are back on a regular schedule that doesn't involve driving to and fro every other day or on a seconds notice!

Where to even begin.. I guess this picture will do..

Lances Wrangler Butt truly drives me nuts.
Halloween was spent in Alamo, sure it was forever ago, but I know my family will want these pictures so I have to post them.
It was so much fun.. Alamo is the cutest, funnest, smallest town ever!! I love that Lance grew up this way, and I can't wait for our kids to experience their Grandpa Eddie's farm!
Pumpkin carving was a blast, and Lance and I decided to do something a bit more traditional this year instead of the cool designs everyone does.. but, it didn't turn out exactly how we wanted it to.. We were going for evil eyes and came up with Asian eyes..

Milly and Kellon
Ang and her boys, minus 1
We decided to do something funny, instead we look so odd.. oh well

Headless Lance Man

Phoenix Suns VS LA Lakers Game!! Thats right, We saw Kobe in person!! So fun..

In front of the Arena. Overall life is so, so good! We are enjoying our life here in AZ, and I am welcoming the change of our winter.. For instance as I type I am sitting with our patio door wide open, seeing green trees, blue skies, and hearing a lawn mower.. Did I mention I smell fresh cut grass??!?!?! NUTS!!!! I'm sure it beats Utah where the weather is below freezing and you have to use a broom to sweep off snow from your car.. BUT although I love this current weather, we will see who will be bragging in JULY!!! :) I will always be a Utah girl, but this is a fun change!Hope everyone is doing well, have a great New Year!