Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 year older and wiser too!

So much has happened around here.. 

 Amy (Lances sister )got married to an amazing guy named Brad! It was such a fun day, and I was honored to take their pictures for them.. It got a little difficult when I had to be in them however.. A lot of running back and forth between the tripod and family!

 The happy couple.

 Beautiful Amy.She is so happy and we couldn't be happier for her!

 Our little family...

 Happy to be at the wedding!

Also, our little babies have officially turned one!!!! Can you believe it? It is so crazy to think we have two 1 year olds!! I hate how fast they have grown up! It seems like yesterday we were going to the hospital to have them!

 Do you remember when they were this big?? It is amazing how much they grow in the first year!!

 My plan is to take a picture of them in this awesome retro chair that my grandma gave me on every birthday!

 Our sweet babies! They love each other so much! Evvie Jane always keeps an eye on her brother. She watches every move he makes! He is one busy boy and she loves it! Will for some reason has no concept of personal space when it comes to being around Evvie. He is always sitting down on her legs  and feet. And most of the time Evvie Jane doesn't even care! It must be a twin thing..

 Their birthday bash in Cedar. It was so fun to have EVERYONE in our whole family there!

 Their tiny cakes that I baked in tin cans! Such a fun idea!

 An audience while they experienced frosting for the first time.. I must admit, it made me cringe just a little bit as their healthy diets were suddenly destroyed in an instant! But... it was worth it for the cute pictures!

 Our Evvie Jane wasn't crazy about digging in.. A little skeptical you could say.

 Will on the other hand... I think the picture describes how he enjoyed it.

 He even tried to eat the candle.

 Opening presents. Will LOVES his basketballs!!! And Evvie LOVES her doll. Thanks to their awesome Aunt Kym!

 Two 1 year olds with 1 ginormous balloon!

 Loved this picture. She is so sweet.

 Swinging in Circleville! We all went on a family vacation to Brian Head and then on to Circleville where my dad grew up! It was so much fun to see it all again! I miss going there! My dad showed all the kids where he grew up and where he milked the cows! The kids loved seeing the cows get milked and we even tried some milk fresh from the cow!

 Possibly one of my favorite pictures of her.. This is my baby stroller that I played with constantly growing up. She loved pushing her baby in it!

 Will is a crazy boy and loves to be on the go! A few things about Will right now..
-He talks like crazy! Or so I think anyway.. His favorite word of all time is Basketball (Ba-Bawl)! As basketball loving parents we couldn't be more proud!! :) That is the first word he says when he wakes up from his naps! I love going in to get him when he wakes up! He is always so happy, and as soon as he sees me he gets really serious and points with his finger and says.. "Ba-Bawl!" I love it.
-He also says "uh-oh", Jesus, MaMa, DaDa, Ball, Duck "Da", Moo(for the cow), SSSSS for the snake, WHooooo for the owl, BaBa, bye bye, Hi..
-He loves anything that is round and bounces. He is constantly pointing to things and if he ever sees a circle he will point to it and say "Ball!" For instance he will find an O on our clothes or in a book and point to it and think it's a ball! So Smart!
-He loves to eat, and he eats a lot! But as soon as he is done he scatters everything off of his high chair leaving a huge mess! A good hour of my day is spent cleaning up after him eating I swear!
-He loves to climb into our kitchen cupboards and play with the pots and pans! He also loves to empty out every drawer or cupboard! I have a hard enough time as it is trying to keep things clean around here I don't' need any more help making messes!
-He loves Evvie and is always trying to feed her or comb her hair, or do something to make her cry!
-Loves to read and has such a good attention span! It is crazy how he can sit and focus while you read him book after book!
-Loves animals, but HATES elephants.. Weird.. But if there is ever a pictures of an elephant in a book he gets nervous and turns away from it, then if Dad makes the elephant sound it's all over!! He also is terrified of balloons!
-Is getting really good at screaming and throwing little fits that involve throwing his head back and arching his back! :)
-Loves shooting hoops on his new little tike hoop. He pulls himself on the net and shoots forever!
-Loves his mama and dada and gives lots of really good kisses!

 Our sweet Evvie Jane! A little about her..
-She really is so sweet. She is a good balance to our crazy boy! She LOVES her Mama, maybe a little too much.. But I don't really mind :)
-When she cries she immediately sticks the back of her hand in her mouth. And "muffles" her cry. It is quite entertaining to pretend like I am going to leave the room and watch her get her hand ready to muffle, but as soon as I turn to come back she puts it back down and is fine!
-She is our little jabber box! She is always saying Dadadad, ba ba ba, Ma Ma Ma, Na Na Na.. She says them as if she is saying sentences and asking questions. It is so cute!
-Could sit and be entertained with absolutely nothing around her. (except her Ma Ma) She is so mellow and easy going!
-She is so easy to make smile or laugh. I could just stare at her with a blank look on my face and she will giggle and giggle. I love it! I have tried to convince Lance for a long time now that I am hilarious, so it is nice to have someone who agrees!
-Loves to cheer for herself whenever she does something good!
-Loves to give kisses and wave bye bye!
-Loves to shoot hoops and cheer for herself after every shot!
-She is an avid shaker of rattles. Weird, but she will shake every toy, and if it rattles, stand back! She will shake that thing like crazy!
-Loves to swim in our pool and starts squealing and laughing every time she gets in!

Overall, life is so good. Lance is in the Clinic seeing "real" patients and is enjoying his time there. We go swimming almost every day to our awesome pool. We also feed the fish and the ducks on a regular basis. All the birds get excited when they see the double wide stroller coming through. Will and Evvie have even started throwing their Cheerios to the ducks. Yesterday a duck came and ate the Cheerio right out of Will's hand. He loved it!

We are so glad we have these two miracles in our lives! Happy birthday Will and Evvie!