Sunday, February 5, 2012

6 months and counting

Well, this was supposed to be the 6 month post.. I started it when they were 6 months old and finally finished it today.. 5 days before they turn 7 months!Oh well, better late than never. Seriously, it's all a bit depressing. Time is going by so fast and I can't believe that in only 6 more months they will be 1 year olds!

Life is good and we have enjoyed being home and getting back into a routine and schedule after our holiday visits, although we loved being home for those too.. The bad thing is we are finally in a good groove with an awesome schedule going.. JUST in time to mess it all up again as we go and visit our families for a whole month this week! But we wouldn't have it any other way. We love seeing our families and having our kids be around their grandparents and cousins!

ANYWAYS, life around here consists of Lance studying his brains out and me trying to hold down the fort here at home! We do lots of walks, naps, baby food, baths, singing, book reading, tickling and laughing around here.. mixed in with some laundary, cooking, constipation(for the babies :) ), cleaning up messes, burping (for the babies as well... sometimes) and trying to squeeze myself in a nap if ever possible. Is it weird that I am still exhausted and trying to feel back to normal after having these two sweet babies? I tell myself it's normal for having twins with absolutely no family around.. But at the same time I think I need to come to terms with the fact that Lance and I will most likely be sleep deprived the rest of our lives, and this is our "new" normal.. :) Despite feeling exhausted 95% of the time, I am loving being Will & Evvies mom. They are so much fun!

6 Months Old!!!
Thank you pinterest for the free tie and skirt patterns!!

Rockin the Jordan Outfits. .

Baby Blues..

Remember how I said I always catch them doing the same things??

Our BBQ party.. This is right at the bottome of our stairs with 2 grills we love it and use it quite a bit. Don't mind Will's pink hat.. poor Will.. I couldn't find his so he borrowed Evvies.

This is how my husband comes home from school a good 30 % of the time.. notice the pupils.. The life of an optometry student!

Will LOVES Evvie! She is always cracking him up! This is how messy they get everytime I feed them. Is it weird I don't care? We give them baths right after, so I figure why waste money or laundry on bibs??

Our handsome boy

My favorite outfits of theirs right now! Thanks Aunt Brenda and girls! Too bad Will is getting too fat too fast! I don't know how much longer the size 9 months will fit him!!

Pretty Girl.

Whenever we put a new outfit on Evvie Jane she looks at her sleeve for a while and studies it out. I think she thinks I have great taste.. I love it!

Little Miss Evvie Jane is OBSESSED with those toes of hers! She loves to grab them! But usually only her left leg!!

Sometimes I make them cuddle.. Is that a bad thing? As you can tell Will is loving it!!!