Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas! What a great Christmas it was..We were able to spend 2 weeks at home between Alamo and Cedar and it was awesome. We have such great families and although we like it here in Arizona, we are reminded everytime we leave that we definately want to end up around family! I think it's crazy how much Will and Evvie look alike in the picture above..

My babies are now 5 months old.. I'm a bit depressed. I cannot believe how fast this is all going!! I was reading in a baby book the other day that if a 150 lb person were to grow as much as a baby in one year, they would end up being 450-500 lbs by the end of the year!!! Crazy right? That explains why Lance and I swear they grow over night! This is Will above. They have now figured out that they can put their hands and anything else they grab into their mouths, so needless to say we have a lot of slobbery shirts around here.

Our Pretty Girl.. I think my kids are so dang cute.. My parents always say, "Every mother's baby crow is the blackest." I guess it's true! Will and Evvie loved Christmas. They loved the lights and all the music and things to look at. They were even lucky enough to sit on Santa's lap 2 times!!! Maybe I will get around to posting those sometime..

Thank you Pinterest for the pose idea above.. Isn't Pinterest just great??

Our little guy is so funny! I get comments all the time from people about how they think he pulls the funniest faces. It's so true. He is always doing something different with his facial expressions! His eyebrows are so expressive.. if thats possible!! He has officially rolled over both ways as of tonight.. He finally got from his back to his belly, although he did get a bit high centered on his arm during the process!

They are both holding thier heads up so good now! They have just started noticing each other and I love it! They are always so happy in the mornings, so I always lay them on their side facing each other.. They spend a good 5-10 minutes babbling and taking turns sucking on each others fingers. It is so fun to watch! Sometimes they will be crying and I will turn them towards each other and they will immediately stop and start cooing at each other. Gosh it's so cute. They are so lucky to have a built in best friend!! I hope they are always close.

My sweet Evvie decided to roll over onto her back on New Years Eve! It was a great day for her because it means no more tummy time for her! Man she hated it! And I hated it even more.. I even stopped doing it for a while until friends and my doctor made me feel as if I would ruin their whole lives if I didn't continue doing it! She is still sweet as ever, and starting to love her Mom and Dad! It's so fun that they are starting to recognize us and get happy to see us.

Classic example of play time.. Notice how Will doesn't seem bothered one bit! They don't mind at all that someone else is sticking their fingers in their mouth and occasionally making them dry heave. It seems as if Evvie is always on a mission to find something in his mouth..

We have officially started baby food around here! Will INHALES it, and Evvie is very polite and has great manners while eating. It's so funny to see the difference between these two. Notice how they are holding hands.. That is my favorite thing lately.. They are so good at grabbing things now that they will grab each others hands. They do it while their eating, playing and falling asleep. Sometimes I swear Will is playing "Uncle" with Evvie and bending her fingers backwards on purpose. She screams and I have to intervene and break it up! I love it!

Things Evvie is doing-

-Being the happiest baby possible

-Laughing when we tickle her neck or when we blow in her face.. odd thing to laugh about so cute though. When she laughs it a cute, low and gruff noise. SO CUTE!

-Getting longer every day, she takes after her mother I suppose

-Talking seriously to us occasionally. Hard to explain, but it's as if she has something very serious to say and she is trying so hard to tell us something.

-Just barely found her toes, and likes to suck on them. Will could never get close to doing that! His belly is too large.

-Growing some great hair up top!!!

-Loving toys and putting them in her mouth!

-Loves her binky and a soft blanket she has. Whenever her face hits that softness she is out for the count! Great sleeping tools. She also likes to hold Lances finger whenever she falls alseep. (that's what he says anyways) wether she does or not I think it's pretty cute. One night I woke up and didn't know where Lance was. I found him laying on the floor asleep next to Evvie while she was holding his finger. Hahah, cute right?

-So patient. Poor Evvie gets taken advantage of. If it comes down to them both needing something at the same time it seems like Will is always first. That's because we know he will blow up if it doesn't happen soon! So poor Evvie just waits patiently. I guess it will be good for her in the long run!

Will just can't get enough of Evvie.. He is so much more solid than her! We are really starting to notice a big difference between them! I'm glad it's Will who is larger, not the other way around! At least for now.. Who knows what the future will bring!

Waiting for Dad to come home.

The Dr. is in!!! Lance is now helping at the Clinic once a week. He loves it and likes the change it has brought to his schedule. He is swamped with material. I feel so bad, but am so proud of him. I could never dedicate myself like he has! No joke he is studying or going to school for 12-15 hours a day!! We have found ourselves completely exhausted in different ways.. He is mentally fried, and I am sleep deprived!!! We will surive though! :)

Cute toes..

What Will is up to-

-Like I said, rolling over both ways

-Laughing and squeeling a lot

-Being a happy baby

-Loving to eat, eat and EAT!

-LOVES to bounce in his jumper toy. My brother and SIL gave it to us and man is it a life saver!! it will entertain him for a good 30 minutes! It is so fun to watch him jump like crazy!! Evvie isn't so much into the extreme sports like her brother is.. she doesn't like it one bit!

-Still in love with Elmo and the book that has Elmo in it..

-Loving baby food and playing in the sink cleaning off after he eats it!

Being a twin mom is starting to get crazier! I used to have things down, but as they are getting older and doing more things I feel like it is an amazing day if I can just manage to give them baths, get myself ready, clean the house AND cook dinner. Unfortunately that really never happens too often!! I am constantly reminding myself that all that matters is that they are alive and happy, and to enjoy every second! They are so much work, but I am LOVING be their mom!!!