Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have decided Christmas cards require too much work to get in envelopes this year.. So consider this picture our Christmas card. Everyone I would have sent them to reads this blog anyways, so why bother right?? Maybe next year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

This past year has been very eventful and so fun. Lance is busy enduring the hardest semester of his life, and I am busy enjoying the many challenges that come with taking care of two babies all by my lonesome! I have said this over and over, but thank goodness they are good babies because I don't know how I would do it if they weren't! Lance and I are completely exhausted each night as we go to bed, but although we have never been so tired in our lives (yes, even more tired then when we were playing college basketball and dating, staying up until 4 each night and then waking up the next morning for practice or weights) we have honestly never been so happy. It's amazing how happy two little human beings can make you! Merry Christmas!

That was the easiest Christmas card we have ever done. I think I will start doing it this way from now on.

They are 4 months old now. Can you believe it? I hate how fast they are changing, but loving it at the same time. It is so fun watching them learn and figure out how to do things.

Will is still cuter than ever, and always smiling with his whole face. See example above. I love how his eyes get that cute little squint. He is also becoming quite the yeller. He has found his voice and loves to use it. When he gets mad he lets us know by throwing a "Higbee Tantrum" as Lance likes to call it. Lance says Will has some fire to him like his sisters!

Our sweet Evvie Jane. (By the way.. I have had several people ask how to pronounce her name. I will explain. It is prounounced Eh-Vee. Not to be confused with Eve-ee.) Does that make sense? Poor girl, we set her up for lifelong confusion. But, we love the name, and we knew she was an Evvie when we first saw her!

We can't get enough of her. She has laughed several times now, and is the easiest baby. I always feel bad when I say one good thing about one baby, because I feel as if by saying that, I am in a way saying that the other baby is bad or something.. Which I am definately not.. That was confusing sorry.. Moving on.... Evvie is so sweet. She could babble for hours and makes the cutest noises. She is always so pleasant and loves to stare at Will. Today she actually reached out and took his binky right out of his mouth. She is getting good with her hands!

I often find them doing the exact same thing as shown above. Must be a twin thing right?

Evvie rocking her leapord leggings and painted nails. I swear, if I would only take care of myself as good as I take care of our kids I would be looking good! Baths everyday, dressed everyday, painted nails.. Someday I might get to that point.
I love that Lance is in normal clothes!! I love when he is in normal clothes because that means we are doing something fun. Scrubs or a shirt and tie = studying or school.

They are loving to read nowadays, and thanks to Brittany, their favorite book is "Bubbles, Bubbles." Will always smiles when he see's Elmo. Crazy how he can pick him out every time.

Will has the bluest eyes you ever did see. He is becoming quite particular with things we are finding. When he wants to eat, it better happen fast or we will hear about it. When he needs to burp, act fast or else! And when he is ready for a nap he needs a nap! But, the good thing is we can read him pretty well, and predict what he is going to want next. As long as we are on the same page as him he is a very happy boy. He makes the cutest noises, and squeels way more like a girl than Evvie.

Our pretty girl.

On another note, Halloween was great. Yes, I know that was a long time ago.. But I had to show off how cute they were! I don't know why I thought a cow and pig would be great while thinking up what they should be for Halloween, but I threw it together, and I think it turned out so cute! Unfortunately we didn't get much candy.. They weren't too good at the trick or treating thing yet. We're hoping next year they pull their weight and bring in some good stuff. Lance and I were farmers to go along with their costumes.

There are those hands again.. Always so proper and lady like.
Will's face is awesome in this!