Friday, July 15, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Well, were back in AZ! We have been gone almost the whole summer visiting family and going on vacations. It has been a lot of fun and we are trying to enjoy every second of Lance's last summer!! We had a baby shower, went out to dinner in Vegas with Lances family, Roasted several good marshmallows on some good campfires, had fun in alamo, Lance and my brothers caught a 30 pound, 37 inch long fish, went to our cabin,went to Sun Valley and ended up with a week stay in Sedona with just Lance and I and a few friends!

It was so much fun, but I must admit a bit exhausting.. especially when your hauling around 2 babies in your belly and feeling very pregnant! But we had a blast!

Lance in front of the Tuzigoot Pueblos! I have never really been into Indian buildings and stuff.. but seriously, this was amazing!! It was by Sedona.. It was quite the long, HOT walk, and I had too many people to count walk by and look at me like I was crazy. I felt a little crazy myself and a little nervous I was going to put myself into labor! I got the questions.. Any day now? Past due? How much longer? and Do you feel like your ready to pop? .. Too many times to count.. I don't mind though.. I would ask the same thing!! maybe not actually. But I would definately think it!

Our friends Jon and Heather also live in AZ. Ever since we have moved here we always try to find an easy place to go to just get out of the city and dutch oven! But, we have found it is VERY difficult to do that around here! Our first try gettin out ended up at a city park, with us dutch ovening on a BBQ grill, right next to a soccer field and play ground for kids with a lot of people.. Big failure.. Our second attempt was much more successful, although it took about 2 hours to finally find place to do it. Sedona is a very pretty National park.. but it is SOOOOOO regulated and SOOOOO busy with everyone else trying to get out of the city.. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands.. We drove out into the middle of no where on top of the Sedona Canyon, and built a fire (Even though there were tons of signs forbiding it.) We were just fed up! Plus, Lance is an Ex-Fireman. Needless to say, we had an illegal fire, were scared the whole time we were going to get thrown into jail, but ended up with a DELICIOUS dutch oven meal in the middle of nowhere with no people around us.. just trees! It was a long awaited time that took us about a year to accomplish! The bad thing is, this spot is 3 hours from our home.. The search will have to continue for a closer destination! All you people living in Cedar, don't take for granted being 5 minutes away from a beautiful mountain that's not crawling with people!!!

In Sun Valley.. All the boys

And last, but not least.. The long awaited belly picture! I have been having people ask me all the time to post a picture! I understand.. It's pretty interesting looking at a belly that has 2 human beings in it! I am constantly amazed that there is enough room for them in here. Everyday my belly gets bigger! I feel as if there is absolutely no more room or skin to allow any more growth.. but, I continue to be amazed.
One thing I have found to be very true about being pregnant is that it truly is uncomfortable! I never thought much about it before.. But honestly, having a rock hard beach ball attatched to the front of you that is growing at an extremely fast rate does a toll on your muscles! Little things like bending over to pick something off the ground, shaving my legs, putting my flippin pants on!! Everything is hard! Don't even get me started on bending over to pick something off of the floor of the car!!! Not going to happen.. ever! Thank goodness for Lance.. I have never been one to order someone around, but Lance has had to step up big time and be the designated floor picker upper, and the one who pulls me or pushes me off of the couch or bed.

I already regret posting this picture of me..

Pregnancy is going great! Just uncomfortable. But so far I think it's totally worth having 2 at a time to only go through being pregnant once! My doctor will induce me at 37 weeks which would end up being around August 10th. Only 4 more weeks! We are so excited and I can't wait to see these two babies! Despite everyone telling me to "enjoy it while you can" We are excited to get them here and start settling into a routine!